There has never been a generation of people that can be connected to each other 24/7.The advancement of technology has given the Millennial Generation the opportunity to connect with many people through social media. People are able to build relationships with people living on opposite sides of the country. This was soon exploited by business. The documentary, “Generation Like,” illustrates how businesses use social media as a way to market their brand through “likes, favorites, and retweets.” It describes how a “like” or “retweet” makes people feel more confident in themselves. Businesses exploit the emotional connection that people have with “likes or “retweets” by making a product or advertisement that connects with people. For example, Oreo’s used their product as a way to relate to pop culture. As same-sex marriage was an issue, Oreo’s created an ad for the movement by illustrating an Oreo cookie with layers of creme with colors of the rainbow. The ad received one million likes on Facebook, which means Oreo was able to connect with one million people with one picture.

Marketers effectively influences the Millennial Generation by incorporating their brand with pop culture. According to Entrepreneur, one of the ten laws of social media marketing is to use people with influence on social media. The people with the most influence have the most likes, views, retweets, subscribers, or they can have all four using multiple social media platforms. In “Generation Like,” a young kid named Steve has major influence on YouTube. He posted videos of him skating which eventually lead to corporate sponsorships. He is sponsored by Supras, DGK, Primitive, and Grizzly Grip. Therefore, as he continues to build his personal brand on YouTube, Steve is advertising these brands. Steve began to create videos with raunchy girls and pranks. Then, Steve adopted the name Baby Scumbag. He was able to gain more influence on social media. As more people like and share his videos, the more his sponsors are indirectly advertising their brand. People will buy Supras only because they want to relate to Steve.

The pros of social media marketing outweigh the cons. One of the biggest pros is free marketing produced by teenagers that simply express them daily on social media. There are teenagers involved with brands on social media by being a devoted fan. In the documentary, Celli Everdeen is an enormous fan of The Hunger Games, and she competes with other fans on The Hunger Games website by retweeting The Hunger Games content for virtual points. She is one of the top 100 fans in the world. She spends up to 5 hours retweeting and sharing content on her Twitter page. Not only does Celli gain many followers through her efforts, The Hunger Games is heavily marketed by a teenager that is only get paid the satisfaction for being a fan. Social media marketing allows marketers to expand their reach through teenagers like Celli because they become familiar with the brand through someone who is a regular, relatable person. Social media marketing also allows for companies to see what everyone likes, so they can use social media marketing as a way to collect data. The con of social media marketing is keeping up with what people like as pop culture is continuously changing.

I recommend that marketers continue their strategies using social media. Social media marketing is a key component to the success of popular brands today. According to The Content Factory, social media marketing has a “100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing,” and 84% of B2B marketers use social media in some form. Social media marketing is effectively reaching the Millennial Generation because this generation spend the majority of their day on social media. Companies use social media to grab everyone’s attention as they scroll through their timeline.

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